Python 101

Hagaman Library in East Haven will be hosting a computer programming class on Wednesdays from 6-7:30PM, beginning January 11th. Steve Robillard will teach the basics of computer science using the Raspberry Pi computer and Python programming language. Python is an easy to learn yet powerful programming language ideal for the beginner and is used by Google, NASA, Industrial Light and Magic and more. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer designed to teach basic computer science. This course will teach basic programming concepts, the basics of the Linux Operating System, and enough electronics to build a clock, a thermometer, “Simon” game and more.  Space is limited to four.  Sign up with Matt Earls:

Iron Chef Library: A Teen Cooking Competition

Iron_chef_libraryNo cooking experience is required to compete in this FREE teen* program. We provide a basket of real mystery ingredients; you provide the  creativity. Compete with a team of other brave volunteers & learn how to create something great! Cookbooks and computers will be available to search for recipes, and a professional chef and nutritionist from ShopRite** will be here to give you pointers.Sign up with your friends or individually: teams will be assigned by the librarian. We’ll sample each dish, and other refreshments will also be provided. The best recipe wins! 2:30pm-5pm. Space is extremely limited***, so sign up to reserve your tickets today!

*Sorry adults, only teens can participate in this cooking competition. If you’re interested in attending as a member of the audience, please email Miss Sarah. **Event sponsored by ShopRite & Hagaman Memorial Library. ***If tickets are sold out, email Miss Sarah to join the waiting list.

Horrible Horror: A Teen-Only Movie Night


UntitledTeens*: join us on October 26 for a night of horror so bad…it’s almost good. In honor of the Halloween holiday, Hagaman Library will be showing one of the best worst movies ever made, and YOU get to choose which one. Will it be the saucy menace of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? The cuddly campiness of Gremlins? Or some other inexplicable movie madness? Vote for your favorite flick HERE, then join us on Wednesday, October 26 to find out who won. The room opens at 5pm, and the movie starts at 5:30pm. Free refreshments served! Sign up for your FREE movie tickets today!


*Sorry adults, this event is for teens only.

Teen Summer Reading @ Hagaman

Summer Reading Game

Get in the gameGet in the game: READ! Are you a middle school, high school, or college student? Hagaman Library double-dog dares you to get in the game this summer! Sign up for our Summer Reading Contest and challenge yourself to READ—Read Evaluate And Discuss—all summer long. For every book you read and review, you’ll receive one entry in our READing Raffle. Prizes include gift cards, books, and other library swag. To get started, sign up here. Once you’ve signed up, you can start submitting entries here.  Challenge Dates: June 10th — August 19th, 2016

Required Summer Reading Sreading

Are you an East Haven high school, Academy, or middle school student, looking for FREE access to your required summer reading  books? Good news! You can borrow any of our summer reading titles for 2 weeks; all you need is a library card (also free!). Come early—books go fast! Not sure which titles you need? The high school summer reading list can be found here, the Academy information can be found here, and the JMMS packet can be found here. 

Are you an out-of-town student? We can help. If we don’t have the book you need, we can request it from another library. They’ll deliver it to us, and we’ll call you to pick it up! All free of charge. To order a book, stop in and see us or call the library at (203) 468-3890.

Have more summer reading questions not answered here? Email Miss Sarah @

About the Teens’ Top Ten

The Teens’ Top Ten is a national book review and teen-choice panel. Participating groups get to decide which books receive the annual Teens’ Top Ten award, and their book reviews are read by real book publishers and librarians, nationwide. Only 15 groups are selected to participate in this program, and this year, Hagaman Library is on the list! As part of the Teens’ Top Ten, Hagaman Library receives hundreds of prerelease books, which local teens can read and review before anyone else in the country. Not only do participants get a chance to have their opinions heard on a national level, but they also get an hour of community service for each book they read and review. The more favorable reviews a book gets, the more likely it is to earn the coveted Teens’ Top Ten award. Read one today, and convince your friends to read and review your favorite books, too! If you’re interested in earning your community service hours by reading, stop into the library today and talk to Miss Sarah, or email her at:

Join HTAG Today

Many students look for unique or interesting ways to complete their community service requirement for school. If you enjoy reading and want to help the library, consider joining the Hagaman Teen Advisory Group. HTAG meets every Friday, from 3 to 5pm. During meetings, members set up for library programs, create seasonal displays, and vote on new books for the library to purchase. Not only do members get a voice in choosing which books the library buys, but they also get to read these books before anyone else. To join HTAG, visit the library and ask for Miss Sarah, or send her an email at:

Let the Penny Wars Begin!

The HTAG Penny War has officially started, and we need your support!Penny war HTAG

Throughout the month of March, members of the HTAG teen group will be competing against each other—and against other teen groups from other libraries across Connecticut—to collect the most donations in this crazy fundraising challenge. You can help players by donating coins to their collection jars, or you can sabotage them by donating paper money! Each cent a player collects in coins counts as a point TOWARDS their total, but every cent in paper money counts AGAINST their total. The players who collect the most points wins a prize, and the teen group to collect the most total points receives a trophy to display in their library for the coming year.

If you’d like to make a donation, a large collection jug has been placed at the adult circulation desk. And if you’re a middle or high school student, you can join the competition. Just stop by during our HTAG meeting any Friday, from 3-5pm. Or you can call the library at (203) 468-3890.

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!”

Work and Games

The library teen group isn’t just all work– its games too. During our meetings every week, we get together and play many games. One of these is “Curses“. This is the perfect game for meeting people and breaking the ice at a party. In this game you do a challenge card and are rewarded a curse card. This curse card will say something strange like “Every time you speak swat invisible mosquitos around your head”. You then play this on an opponent and they then have to keep track of it. The game gets very complecated as players rack up more and more curse cards. If a player catches you not doing one of the curse cards layed out in front of you, they ring the bell and the card gets flipped over. Once you get three flipped over cards, you can’t win but you can still play and curse other players with the cards you get. This game is an excellent game to play in both large or small groups, with both older and younger players, and especially people you are meeting for the first time.

Here’s the creator’s website:

Join us for a special Magic Show!

UntitledJoin us on Saturday, November 10 at 2pm for The Magic of Danny Diamond, featuring magic, jokes, food and fun!  Sponsored by the International Order of Rainbow for Girls Branford Assembly #19 and the Order of DeMolay International New Haven Chapter.

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