Teen Summer Reading @ Hagaman (June — August)

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Summer Challenge Issued: June 14  August 11

Our Summer Theme this year is: “Build a Better World.” But what does a “better” world mean to you? To us, it means a place where smart, talented people are appreciated & rewarded  for using their brains. Which is why we’re challenging you to READ—Read, Evaluate, And Discuss—all summer long!

Want to participate? Just pick a book. Any book. Read. Think. Grow. And we’ll reward you for the effort. For every book you read, you’ll earn 1 ticket in our Teen Reading Raffle. Prizes include gift cards, handmade gifts, & more! To enter, just click here.


Looking for a Required Summer Reading Book?

Are you an Academy, JMMS, or EHHS student, looking for a required summer reading book for school? Hagaman can help! We have multiple copies of every book on the list, and we’re lending them out, free of charge, 2 weeks at a time. Attend a different school? Ask for help! If we don’t have your book, we’ll try to find you a copy at another library. 

Don’t have a library card? Easy fix! Kids under 14 need a parent’s permission, but teens 14-17 are eligible to get their own card. Click here to learn more about what to bring with you, or visit the library & ask us in person!

Pro tip: already lost your summer reading list? No problem. Click the links above for instant access to the list, or check out the Teen Reading Room @ Hagaman Library—the lists are on display!