Annual AtmosFEAR Night (Wednesday, October 17; 4:30-7:30pm)

Once a year, the veil between words grows thin. One creature—one alone—will escape The Other Side & wreak havoc on Earth. Will it be the vampire? The werewolf? The witch? The mummy? Join us for our annual game of AtmosFEAR: The Harbingers & find out!

AtmosFEAR is a vintage board game, not sold in stores. Once a year, at Halloween, we challenge a few lucky players to compete against each other & against the clock to be the first to win the game (& prizes). Snacks served. No experience necessary to play, just bring your imagination. Want to learn more? We’ll go over the rules before we start, but you can watch a video tutorial HERE. Space is limited, so registration is required for this event. If tickets are sold out, a waiting list will open. Sign up today @