Board of Trustees & Policies

Meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the library. Board members are appointed by the Mayor for a 3-year term.

2012 Meeting Dates & Minutes:


January 19February 16March 15April 19May 17June 21July 19August 16September 20October 18; November 15 (cancelled); December (no meeting)


2011 Meeting Dates & Minutes:

January 20February 17March 17April 21May 19June 16July 21August 18September 15October 20November 17; December (no meeting)

2010 Meeting Minutes:


January 21February 18March 18April 15May 20June 17July 15August 19; September 16 (meeting cancelled); October 21November 18; December (no meeting)

2009 Meeting Minutes:

January 15February 19March 19April 16May 21June 25July 16August 20September 17October 15November 19; December (no meeting)

Board Members:

Eileen DeMayo, Chairperson Emeritus 2010-2016

Ron Whitney, Chairperson 2014-2017

Katherine Klarman, Vice Chairperson 2014-2016

Lorena Venegas, Secretary 2014-2017

Michael Enders, Treasurer 2013-2015

Stephen Robillard Feb. 2019-Feb. 1, 2022

Carol Scussel 2012-2015

Christopher Brown 2018-

Stephen Haddon 2012-2015

Maria Bracale 2016-

Board of Trustees ByLaws

Library Policies


Art Exhibit Policy

Artist Application for Exhibit 

Borrower Registration Policy (updated November, 2018)

Borrowing and Overdue Materials Policy Revised September 2015

Fax Machine Policy

Meeting Room Use Policy Revised August 2014 

Meeting Room Use Agreement

Internet Use

(NEW Fall, 2017) Local Authors Policy

Materials Selection and Access Policy 

Netbook Loan Policy

Patron Behavior

Unattended children

Wireless Access