Classic Books Discussion Group-with Scholar, Gerry Gillespie- Monday, Nov. 25th 3 p.m. “Orlando” by Virgina Wolf / Monday, Jan. 27th at 3 p.m. “The Old Wives’ Tale”

Classic Books Discussion Group-with Scholar, Gerry Gillespie

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CLASSIC BOOKS – November to January
Monday, Nov. 25th 3 p.m. “Orlando” by Virgina Wolf Once described as the ‘longest and most charming love-letter in literature’, the Virginia Woolf’s Orlando is edited by Brenda Lyons with an introduction and notes by Sandra M. Gilbert in Penguin Classics. Written for Virginia Woolf’s intimate friend, the charismatic writer Vita Sackville-West, Orlando is a playful mock ‘biography’ of a chameleonic historical figure, immortal and ageless, who changes sex and identity on a whim. First masculine, then feminine, Orlando begins life as a young sixteenth-century nobleman, then gallops through three centuries to end up as a woman writer in Virginia Woolf’s own time. A wry commentary on gender roles and modes of history, Orlando is also, in Woolf’s own words, a light-hearted ‘writer’s holiday’ which delights in ambiguity and capriciousness. (amazon)

Between the Acts - A Novel - Including a Short Biography of the Author



Monday Jan. 27th at 3 p.m. “The Old Wives Tale” by Arnold Bennett – An epic tale that’s considered one of Bennett’s finest works, The Old Wives’ Tale traces the absorbing lives of two very different sisters from childhood to old age. It’s a genuinely engaging read that follows their intriguing individual stories and sees them eventually reunited. The book was voted one of the twentieth century’s top 100 English-language novels by the Modern Library in 1998.- Just as accessible and enjoyable for today’s modern readers as it would have been when first published over a century ago, the novel is one of the great works of English literature and continues to be widely read throughout the world.- This meticulous edition from Heritage Illustrated Publishing is a faithful reproduction of the original text and is beautifully illustrated with a number of atmospheric historical paintings that reflect the mood of the novel. (amazon)