Dungeons & Dragons & Libraries (Saturday, November 24; 2:30-5pm)

Groc is a seven-foot tall, half-orc fighter with greater than average intelligence. He likes long walks on the beach, making daisy chains for his friends, and crushing the skulls of his enemies. Sanseera is an elf rogue. After 201 years, she doesn’t steal for the money—she’s in it for the adventure. What happens when these travelers—and others like them—meet in the most unlikely of places…a library? Join this one-shot introduction to D&D and find out!

What is D&D? At it’s heart, Dungeons & Dragons is a game for storytellers. Players take on the role of a fantasy hero, then work together with a Dungeon Master (a narrator) to guide characters on an epic adventure, limited only by their collective imaginations. Gather treasure, battle monsters & be home by dinner! Want to learn more? Click here to watch an instructional video, or join us on Saturday, November 24th and try it for yourself! Sign up @ www.dungeonsdragonslibraries.eventbrite.com Space is limited for this program, so registration is required.