East Haven Historical Books and Documents Online or Avaiable at the Library

East Haven Historical Books and Documents Online or Available at the Library


Below is a general five page guide to some of the materials in the archival collection- the underlined items in this guide are  not links, however below this are articles with links that you may click on for viewing 


The following books and historical documents found in red are available on the Internet 

The East Haven Register by Reverend Stephen Dodd, New Haven, 1824 

D Part 1. A history of EH 1644-1800. Part II. Names, marriages,births of families which first settled or have resided in EH 1644-1800. (Some printings have parts II and III only called “the appendix.”) Part III Deaths 1647- 1823. Genealogies of the families of East Haven. In relation to the death register “The present place of burial in East Haven was sequestered for the purpose in 1707. Previous to that time, some of the dead were buried on the west side of the Green; but they were generally carried to New Haven.”


A history of the Village and Town of East Haven, Connecticut from the First Land Grant of Land in 1644 to 1873 by William Daniel Havens (only available in the library)

This is part one and part two of the first  volume of a currently unpublished document. The document was abridged and edited from the original by former Town Historian, Paul H. Stevens in 1965.  The multi-volume set has not  been placed on the Internet but is available for viewing  in hard copy at the Hagaman Library.

History of East Haven by Sarah Hughes 
Morehouse & Taylor Press, New Haven, Conn., 1908
The Evolution of an Old New England Church: being the History of the Old Stone Church in East Haven Connecticut by Harry Kelso  
Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Company, New Haven, Conn., 1924.
East HavenDocuments Pertaining to Comfort Prout

Journal of Comfort Prout Transcript March 16th, 1886 to Dec. 27th, 1867


Articles and Documents on Slavery in East Haven

Evil Practice of Slavery Once Took Place In East Haven by Clif Nitchke, Advertiser Feb. 15, 1997

Wedgwood Medallion Against Slavery, Photo courtesy of Clif

Copy of Deed of Sale for Negro Boy 17?6

Zebulon Farren, East Haven Abolitionist, 1795 Information and Excerpt

Zebulon Farren, Document Freeing Sophia “for divers good causes”

Connected with the Amistad Slave Ship

East Haven Native, Sidney Moulthrop, Amistad Artist

Profiles Based on East Haven Native Artist Sidney Moulthrop’s Casts for Wax Figures from the Amistad Ship

Articles and Documents on Lake Saltonstall

A Brief History of Lake Saltonstall by Doris Townshend

Colonial Blast Furnace on Lake Saltonstall from the book Know Your State by W.J. Prendergast

History of Lake Saltonstall by Paul H. Stevens

Lake Saltonstall Its Surrounding and Attractions-1895 Pamphlet by George H. Townsend (Below)

Pamphlet Page 1

Pamphlet Page 2

Pamphlet Page 3

Pamphlet Page 4

Pamphlet Page 5

Pamphlet Page 6

Pamphlet Page 7

Pamphlet Page 8

Pamphlet Page 9

Pamphlet Page 10

Pamphlet Page 11

Pamphlet Page 12

Pamphlet Page 13

Pamphlet Page 14

Pamphlet Page 15

Pamphlet Page 16

Picture of Ice Cutting on Lake Saltonstall

First Federal Researchers Favorite Pleasure Spots of East Haven by Donald Chidsey Journal Courier May 10, 1974

Lake Saltonstall in its Heyday was an Oasis for Tired City Dwellers by Mrs. Henry Townshend New Haven Reg.  April 16,1966

Photo of Lake Saltonstall from New Haven Register June 6th, 1960

Excerpt from East Haven Characteristics by Mary Stakes Cheptin

Excerpt from Historic Connecticut by Marguerite Allis

East Haven’s Wagon and Brush Factory on Lake Saltonstall; Author Unknown

Photo “Remember When Steamers Plied Lake Saltonstall”

Early Trains Farmer’s Bane But One’s Pleasure by Cliff Nitchke The Advertiser Feb 5th, 2000

“Oh Those Summer Days in Town” The Advertiser Nov 5th, 1994

Indian Spirit Saw the White Man Coming by Cliff NItchke Advertiser Dec. 30th, 1995


Skating on Lake Saltonstall from EH Historical Society in The Advertiser, Aug. 18, 2005

Articles on The Old Mill

“East Havens Wagon and Brush Factory” author unknown

 Excerpt on The Old Mill from Old Houses of East Haven by Donald B.Chidsey

“Whiling Away the Summer Days at the Local Beach by Cliff Nitchke, The Advertiser April 18th, 1998

Articles on The Green

National Register Application for East Haven Green Cover Page Reg.-Form-pp.-1-8

National Register Application for the East Haven Green pp. 9-12

National Register Application for the East Haven Green pp. 13-14

National Register Application for the East Haven Green pp 15-18 

National Register Application for the East Haven Green pp. 19-30

National Register Application for the East Haven Green pp. 31-33



Articles from The Scrapbook of Lydia M. Chidsey Bradley Commenced in 1872

The Samuel R. Chidsey House 

From the Scrapbook of Lydia M. Chidsey Bradley commenced in 1872

“H. Walter Chidsey of East Haven Captures a Rare Animal”

“President L.D. Chidsey” (Lewis D. Chidsey)

“President L.D. Chidsey” (Lewis D. Chidsey)

“Cap Chidsey Hauls in a British Fish” (Captain William Chidsey)

Serious Illness of Mrs. Chloe Chidsey

“H. Walter Chidsey of East Haven Captures a Rare Animal”

“President L.D. Chidsey” (Lewis D. Chidsey)

“A Remarkable Dreamer” (Lewis D. Chidsey”

 Chidsey Obituaries from the Chidsey Bradley Scrapbook

Chidsey Obituaries: Chloe Chidsey, Sarah Chidsey, Emily Chidsey

“H.W. Chidsey Former Grocer of East Haven Dies”

“The Late J.H.B. Chidsey”  Other Obituaries

“Lew Chidsey  Dead” (Lewis D. Chidsey)

“William S. Chidsey of East Haven Dies”

Military Information

In Their Country’s Service, A Listing of War Veterans from East Haven, CT from Colonial TImes Through WWII by Phyllis Rico Flood