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For Students Considering a Degree in Business Administration:

Connecticut MBA Guide for Online and Campus Graduate Business Programs

Ultimate List of 947 MBA Scholarships and Resources

For Students Pursuing a Master’s or other Graduate Degree:

List of Graduate Programs for those who wish to pursue a graduate degree after obtaining a bachelor’s degree

Information on GRE-a national exam required for admission to most MBA and other Graduate programs

Information on GMAT-a national exam required for admission into most Business Schools

Looking to Become a Teacher in Connecticut? If so, check out these great resources below!

Master’s in Education Guide

Access Opportunities Guides For High School Students

Opportunities is a free guide and workbook packed with information to help high school students pursue their education goals. Topics include:

  • Tips to help students choose a college, fulfill admissions requirements and apply for financial aid
  • The types and sources of financial aid, including federal and state programs
  • Instructions for completing the FAFSA
  • Up-to-date information about entrance exams, test dates, admissions profiles and costs for many colleges

You can download the latest Opportunities guides by clicking here.

Attention high school Juniors and Seniors and all those looking to get a degree online!

Here are two free online sources to help you locate online colleges and universities in Connecticut, and a list of accredited online college degree programs! To begin searching, please click on one of the links below!

Accredited Online Colleges in Connecticut 2015
Accredited Online College Degree Programs in Connecticut 2015