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The Cost of College:

Article on The Process of Paying for College by Andy Kearns of

For Students Considering a Degree in Business Administration:

Connecticut MBA Guide for Online and Campus Graduate Business Programs

Ultimate List of 947 MBA Scholarships and Resources

More Resources for Finding the Best MBA Program: 

Check out

10-Part Guide to the MBA 
Connecticut Guide to Business Education 

Connecticut Business Schools – This online resource has the following information:

  • List of Best Programs in Connecticut
  • Table of Undergraduate Business Schools
  • Table of Graduate Level Business Schools
  • Table of Recently Published Job Outlook

Teaching Degree Programs

This guidebook includes lists of scholarships, comprehensive program information, licensing and certification data by state, and career profiles for students & job seekers. is an online database of tools, references, and articles that cover topics such as accreditation, job placement and resources that can provide financial support. Here are their guides for Masters in Business Administration programs:

For Students Pursuing a Master’s or other Graduate Degree:

List of Graduate Programs for those who wish to pursue a graduate degree after obtaining a bachelor’s degree

Information on GRE-a national exam required for admission to most MBA and other Graduate programs

Information on GMAT-a national exam required for admission into most Business Schools

From: MBA Review-MBA and GMAT Guide


Are you interested in nursing? There is a growing shortage of nurses in the United States. Below are some links to details on what is required to get your degree in nursing!

Affordable Nursing Programs:

State-specific licensure requirements and career outlook for Nurses in Connecticut:

Check out the online  Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Programs: The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree is a doctoral program focusing on medical practice rather than medical research.

Nursing Resume Samples and How-To Guide for Nursing Careers:

Financial Assistance for Nursing School From 

Student Loans for Nurses

Emergency Management Careers

Emergency Management Careers Suite

Emergency Management Degree Overview 

Environmental Health Essentials 


Program Fundamentals 


Senior Guidance, an organization dedicated to providing senior living assistance to the elderly. At Senior Guidance, our mission is to help senior citizens during their most difficult times. Senior Guidance provides numerous helpful resources and articles on senior living, aging, dementia, senior care, caregiving, and more. In addition, we enable seniors and caregivers to search and find 50,000+ senior living facilities across every city, town, and county in the United States