Free JobNow Demos! Learn About the Library’s free online job coaching and resume assistance tool, Thursdays at 2:00 p.m.: January 4 & 18 and February 1 & 15

Learn how to access Hagaman Memorial Library’s subscription to JobNow!

JobNow is an innovative service that is accessible to you through your public library that features expert resume assistance, live interview preparation, career coaching, career resources and much, much more!

By using JobNow you can receive:

live job coaching
real-time interview practice
full-service resume lab
24/7 access to local job resources

You can also access:
a library of rich adult learning content (GED)
live professional assistance in resume/cover letter writing
U.S. Citizenship prep
MS Office Essential Skills Series through JobNow’s Adult Learning Center.

There are Personalized eLearning Tools such as:
My File Sharing
My Session Replay
My Tutoring Archive
My Test Archive.

There is a 24 Hour Writing Lab where you can submit essays and other forms of writing for constructive feedback. You may submit homework questions for expert guidance, get live assistance from tutors in math, science, reading, writing, history, GED, and college placement tests. You may use the Skills-Building module to receive real-time help on any topic of your choice. There is also a Foreign Language Center and Spanish-Speaking Support Center.

The library also has a volunteer, Liz, who is a retired bank manager. Liz is available by telephone to help you with your resume and to help you connect with jobs in the local community. She can also help you find financial and other resources during your job search.

These demos are free and open to everyone! Please visit the library, call 203.468.3891 or email Cynthia at to register.