Local History Presentations

Native Americans Of East Haven And The  Area – January 28th, 2014

PDF Native Americans of East Haven (slide show assembled by Fawn Gillespie) Jan 28th 2014

PDF Courier AD  Native Americans of East Haven and the Area

PowerPoint Presentation: Native Americans of East Haven and the Area 

 Presentation Flier for Native American of East Haven and the Area

Courier Ad for Native Americans of East Haven and the Area

Reconstructing Main Street – February 25th, 2014

PDF Reconstructing Main Street by The East Haven Historical Society- Feb 25 2014

PowerPoint Presentation: Reconstructing Main Street Feb 25 2014

Presentation Flier for Reconstructing Main Street Flier

Courier Ad for Reconstructing Main Street 

Mr. Hagaman’s Coin Treasures From The Vault – March 25th 2014

PDF Coins From the Vault Presentation by Kenny Cox- March 22 2014

PDF Collecting Coins by Dan Hemperly- March 22 2014

PDF The Ancient Greek Coins of the Hagaman Memorial by Nathan Miller- March 22 2014

PowerPoint Presentation: Coins From The Vault  by Kenny Cox

Presentation Flier for Mr. Hagaman’s Coin Treasures

Courier Ad for Mr. Hagaman’s Coin Treasures

 Your Street East Haven: The Streets of East Haven- April 22nd, 2014

PDF Streets of East Haven by Doris Townshend (slide show assembled by Fawn Gillespie) April 22 2014

PowerPoint: Streets of East Haven April 22 2014

Presentation Flier for Streets East Haven Flier

Courier Ad Streets of East Haven

Saving a Bridge: Kids for the Farm River Bridge and Bridge History- May 27th, 2014 

 PowerPoint: Saving a Bridge: Kids for the Farm River Bridge-PowerPoint

Presentation Flier for Saving a Bridge


Yours Very Truly, Lottie Street- East Haven’s First Librarian- Sept 30, 2014

PowerPoint: Yours Very Truly, Lottie E. Street 

The Trollies of East Haven –  October 21st, 2014 

East Haven Fire Department – The First 100 Years – November 25th, 2014

CT State Archaeologist Brian Jones – 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Native American Archaeology of CT -March 31st, 2015

Executive Editor of the Indian Papers Project- Paul Grant Costa -The Quinnipiacs and Beyond – April 28th, 2015

Poetry of the Earth- Lydia Huntley Sigourney- presented by Michael Russo – 

Professor Eckart Frahm gave a presentation on April 7, 2016-  An Assault on History- Cultural Heritage Sites in Iraq and Syria in the Age of ISIS.   For an excellent paper by Prof. Frahm on this subject, please click here: