Teen Summer Reading @ Hagaman (June — August)

Need Summer Reading Info for School?

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Teen Services @ Hagaman Library has been encouraging middle, high school, & college students to read this summer by providing a free Teen Summer Reading Raffle. But time is running out to get your raffle tickets, so enter now!

Want to participate? Just pick a book. Any book. Read. Think. Grow. And we’ll reward you for the effort. For every book you read, you earn 1 raffle ticket. Prizes include gift cards, handmade gifts, & more! The final raffle winners will be drawn on August 18. To enter, click here.

Looking for a Required Summer Reading Book?

Are you an Academy, JMMS, or EHHS student, looking for a required summer reading book for school? Time is running out, but Hagaman can still help! We have multiple copies of every book on the list, and we’re lending them out, free of charge, 2 weeks at a time. Attend a different school? Ask for help! If we don’t have your book, we’ll try to find you a copy at another library. 

Don’t have a library card? Easy fix! Kids under 14 need a parent’s permission, but teens 14-17 are eligible for their own card. Click here to learn more, or visit the library & ask us in person!

Pro tip: already lost your summer reading list? No problem. Click the links above for instant access to the list!