In Case You Missed It: Check out the video of Author and Medium Sydney Sherman’s presentation, called “The Transition!”

The question of what truly happens to our body at the exact moment of death has puzzled many for centuries. Yet, it has largely gone unanswered. This presentation takes a biological look at the many changes that occur in our bodies and minds prior to, and at the moment of, death. These changes occur with everyone no matter the cause of death. The process is divided into three phases: preparation, the actual death, and lastly their transition to a new form. These three steps can often be seen by others as they occur and can help loved ones prepare themselves for their death. But most importantly it allows friends and loved ones to be a part of the natural process and find peace and healing.

If you missed “The Transition” presentation on Zoom back on June 2, click here to watch it on YouTube! 

For more information about Sydney Sherman, and to learn more about her book, You are Not Alone: Our Loved Ones are Here…You’re just Not Listening, go to: