Join us Wednesday, January 29th for the presentation “A Hometown Doughboy” by Dan Garitta and Don Johnson. More than the story of a single individual, Doughboy Ernest Stevens, this is also the WWI story of the support from the community of New Haven.

  Join us Wednesday, January 29th at 2:00 p.m. for the Military and Veterans History Group when veteran Don Johnson and historical military collector and reenactor Dan Garitta, present the work on their collaboration for the book,  A Hometown Doughboy. They have collected the letters of WWI Private Ernest Stevens, placing them with historical information featuring the 1919 302nd Regiments’ unit book.  Don has transcribed some of the more difficult to decipher letters. The book includes the support the doughboys received from the New Haven organization so that it is not just the story of an individual but a community.