You are Not Alone…Our Loved Ones are Here, You’re Just not Listening: A Presentation by Author & Medium Sydney Sherman on Webex and live at: on Wednesday, October 21 at 6:30 p.m.

You Are Not Alone approaches the paranormal with a healthy dose of common sense and encourages rational skepticism. The author looks at why and what we believe about the paranormal and the afterlife. Her book draws distinctions between myths and the paranormal and recounts numerous experiences with spirits. She offers hints to avoid falling prey to the frauds in the paranormal field. The author educates readers on how they too can continue their relationship with their loved ones. With step by step advice, Sydney Sherman encourages people to think about the potential the paranormal holds for all of us. Sydney hopes readers will come to the same understanding —they are not gone; they are still very much here with us….we just need to start listening. Click here for more information on author and Medium Sydney Sherman.

This event will be held via Facebook Live: To watch the program, go to: 

You can also participate directly through Webex conferencing with the understanding that you will be shown live on the Library’s Facebook page and the presentation will also be recorded so that others can view it ata later time. To sign-up to participate directly through Webex, please send
an email to Cynthia at If you have questions for Sydney Sherman, but do not wish to participate directly through Webex, please send your questions to Cynthia via email at: Thank-you very much! Enjoy!